A People-Pleasing Moment

Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do? Why is that you look at Facebook more than twice a day? What is it that causes you to pick up the phone, tablet, or click on the power button of your computer?

For some of us it is business. Others find it to be a place to connect with the people we love. Some of us, like my wife and I, enjoy scrolling down the newsfeed to see if there is anything worth commenting on to stir up trouble [Only sort of kidding].

It is not always an easy task to discern our reasons and motives for doing certain things, but it is a skill we must develop in our own lives so that we may become clearer presenters of the Gospel of Christ. As many of you probably noticed, over the past two weeks I have been posting a new blog every day. While it is certainly a good thing, especially in my own life to spend this time articulating various truths the Spirit has been teaching me, I also realize how things that can be good can so very easily become our master. What I mean is that I caught myself looking multiple times to see if anyone had “liked” some of my recent posts. While there is no sin in checking Facebook, there is sin in the addiction of man’s praise.

Facebook “likes” and Twitter “retweets” have been scientifically proven to produce a surge of dopamine which bring about a two second sense of self-gratification and has addictive qualities. You know you are craving more and more dopamine when you find yourself checking your Facebook account quite regularly to see if your number of “likes” has increased. Then, when you see no likes or comments, you begin to wonder if people do not like what you are saying or if you offended somebody.

I realized at that moment that a part of me was seeking the approval of man above the approval of God. I am an example of how easy it is to long for temporary pleasure more than the eternal satisfaction of Christ. I must continually remind myself that:

Success is not determined by how many followers you have, how many of your posts are shared [although it is encouraging when it happens!], or how many “likes” you receive. These blogs will all burn up when God remakes the creation anyway. The only Word that will remain forever is God’s Word and from His vantage point, faithful dependence upon Him is the key to true success.

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