Why Does God Hate Sin So Much?

In Genesis chapters six through eight we learn that the world had become so corrupt that every inclination of man’s heart was evil. Thus, God chose to destroy the Earth – animals and people alike – save for Noah, his family and those select animals that the Lord had brought to him. Often, we ask ourselves how could a loving God commit such an act? Why does God hate sin so much?

I want to begin by directing a question to you: Do you hate sin? Some of us tend to look at certain sins like child pornography, bestiality, homosexuality, murder, and rape with disgust. While I agree that we should find these sins revolting, we must never lose sight of the fact that all sin is disgusting, especially our own.

Often, I find that the sins we view as repulsive are the very ones we do not struggle with personally. At the same time, we tend to soften our own sins and make them more excusable to others and ourselves. We may view ours as wrong and unholy but not really that big of a deal. However, deep down we often deceive ourselves into thinking we are not as bad as others and what they are doing. The evidence for this comes while we are watching the news and hear, for example, about a man who murdered his family. Our immediate thought is, “How could he do something that evil?!” What we are really doing is comparing our own sin with the crimes of the man on the news and allowing culture to dictate what is and is not a pardonable sin.

In my own experience, in talking with others, I have noticed that this feeling of repulsion towards other forms of outward sin, specifically those that result in jail time, generally results in a lack of love and compassion shown to those who commit such sins. While there are certainly consequences for sins and you should seek to protect the welfare of others, that does not mean we should not strive to share the healing Gospel with criminals. Because, while our hidden sins may not result in jail time, we need to stop downplaying our “lesser” sins and recognize them for what they really are — unspeakably shameful and absolutely appalling! Whether you murder your neighbor or lose your temper, both are sins against the Lord.

Thank God that He does not see us the way we often view others. I believe the biggest reason God hates sin is because it separates us from Himself. God is good and holy and if we could truly grasp His holiness then I believe we would understand why He so strongly abhors sin. Sin brings death, not only to us but, to other people as well. Death is the separation from others and ultimately God and thus should be taken seriously.

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