Next Target: The Week

We live in a society that is on an aggressive rampage to remove God and His Word from every area of our culture. So far, these groups have sought to remove the Ten Commandments from government buildings, alter definitions such as marriage and gender, as well as file lawsuits against educational institutions that teach the possibility of an Intelligent Designer.

However, if these groups are to be consistent in their crusade to remove all Biblical influence, then our very calendar must be next to be overturned. You are probably thinking that I am referring to the whole “B.C.” verses “B.C.E.” thing which our annual calendar is based upon, but I am speaking of something else. You see, many have never considered the fact that the length of our seven-day week is defined in the first chapter of Genesis.

We base our months off the Lunar cycle [moon] and our years from the solar cycle [sun] but, the origin of a seven-day week has its foundation in the Biblical record. As with everything else, God has defined the length of the week. He set the pattern by working six days and resting on the seventh during creation. Whether we believe the Bible or not, all of us live by its calendar. We work, are paid, and govern our lives based upon Sunday through Saturday – seven days as laid out by God Himself. We are all under the authority of Scripture even those seeking to expunge it from our culture.

If this rebellious culture truly wishes to secede from having any Biblical influence then they must scrap the entire calendar and redefine the seven-day work week. That being said, if they decide to come up with a three-day work week, I’ll consider their side. [Just kidding.]

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