Is Personal Holiness Important to You?

A while back Caitlin and I went to a friend’s house to hang out. While we were there, a TV show was playing that displayed more than a few inappropriate scenes in the form of sexual promiscuity. We just averted our eyes but, if we are honest, that does not solve the problem or even protect us as much as we would like. Even in the act of turning your eyes from sin, you are inevitably turning your ears toward danger.

This is the reason why the apostle Paul did not urge Timothy to turn his eyes from youthful lusts, but rather to run away as fast as he could (1 Tim. 6:11).

As I look back, I recognize my lack of leadership in that situation and my passivity towards the potential conflict which had presented itself before me. However, I refuse to sit quietly by next time, as I had previously done, trying to drown out the noise while not making a scene. The reason I failed to fight for both my wife and my life was because, all too often, I do not view sin as a war. As a result, the people around me are being dealt severe injuries and even suffering death because I have refused to fight back in a war that, by my actions, I do not really believe exists.

By my refusal to stand up for the truth at that moment, I saw that I struggle with the fear of man. I acknowledge that I often spend more time wondering what others will think of me than what God would say of me. However, from this time forward, I resolve to fear God and to spend my life standing for truth and holiness. Pray for me as I take this next step to be courageous as the Lord has commanded me to be.

Will you take this step with me? Will you choose to stand for what is right and will you fight the good fight of the faith (1 Tim. 6:12)? Our personal holiness and the spiritual well-being of others should motivate us to endure those awkward conversations with our friends. We are in a war. Do you believe that?

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