An Old Testament Proof of Israel’s Restoration

Zechariah 12:10-14 is the proof text.

The passage states that Israel [yes, the text is very emphatic on this being the nation of Israel] will someday look on Him whom they pierced and mourn for Him. Who did they pierce? Now, this is where the famous Sunday school answer comes into play as we all, with one accord, shout, “JESUS!”

So, how does this prove that God would restore the nation of Israel to its rightful inheritance, as witnessed in 1948? First, agree with me that this has not yet happened. For until we agree, there is no moving forward. Israel as a nation has never recognized Jesus as their Messiah and this is clearly a prophecy of Christ’s second coming. Next, check out verse eleven. The text says, “On that day [still future] the mourning in Jerusalem will be as great as….”, and then it goes on to describe the state of mourning that will take place.

However, notice that the text says that this “mourning” will come from national Israelites and take place in the city of Jerusalem. This is interesting since the Jewish people were removed from their homeland for 1,878 years [i.e. from 70 – 1948 A.D.]. Therefore, one does not need even to cite Romans 11 to prove that what happened in 1948 was always determined by God in order to fulfill His promises.

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